Membership Renewal

If you have received notice that your membership in the International Association of Trampoline Parks is due for renewal or your status has become inactive, choose one of the options below to renew your membership:

The IATP has moved to an Annual Renewal effective September 1, 2016. All memberships once renewed will be valid through August 31, 2017. Plese make sure to select your renewal month so our system can accurately calculate your pro-rated dues. Our new dues structure is:

Regular Park Member Dues 

Please note the the number of parks is based on how many locations under one brand are currently open and operating. 

Park Over 5,000 sq ft. - $1000.00

1 Park Under 5,000 sq ft. - $500.00

2-5 Parks - $850.00/per park

6-40 Parks - $700.00/per park

41+ Parks - $500.00/per park

Developing Member Dues

$500.00/per year

Associate Member Dues

$500.00/per year

  • IATP MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL  - Please note you will be directed to a new IATP renewal platform. Use your email address to login and password: IATP2017 logging in for the first time. 

NOTE: Developing Members whose parks are now open will need to renew as a Regular Member